The last thing I want you to worry about on your wedding day is whether or not your pictures will be everything you hoped for and more. I want to do everything I can to learn who you are, what your expectations are and how I fit into your wedding.

My name is JT Santini. I am a lifelong creative who has a passion for documenting one of life’s momentous events. Weddings are arguably one of the most iconic times of our lives; being chosen to capture those fleeting moments is a privilege I am honored to be selected for.

There is a good chance you have never heard of me. I don’t consider that a bad thing. I like to think I’m one of the people in a saturated market trying to do things a little different. I do not have a big studio and I do not cover 100 weddings per year. I keep my bookings limited and believe getting to know my clients is paramount. Your wedding photographer is going to be with you all day long, so besides making sure you like their work, make sure you like their personality, too!

Generally speaking, I am a journalistic or documentary style photographer. After all, that is exactly what wedding photography is trying to do: document the story of your day. The only exception to this would be a short period of time to get formal portraits of you and the people closest to you. The goal is to provide you with pictures that accurately depict the story of your wedding, letting your own personalities set the tone of those pictures and making your album the perfect tool to relive a day that will escape you all too quickly.

I am a hybrid photographer that uses the aid of technology to help document your day but doesn’t let it dictate how you relive it. I use a combination of digital and film cameras to capture your wedding, I edit digitally for color corrections and imperfections but strongly believe the best way to look back on the day is through printed photographs and albums. I work with the best labs in the country to develop my film and print my albums to ensure you receive products that tell a story as unique as yourself.

If all of this sounds good and you would be interested in talking to a photographer who marches to a slightly different beat, please reach out to J. Santini Photography. The next best thing to actually photographing a wedding is discussing the big day over caffeine and sugary treats. I look forward to hearing from you – Cheers!